About us

More than just a brand, Gresart is a movement. More than just a brand, Gresart is a movement.

More than just a brand, Gresart is a movement.

Aiming to capture the spirit and vision of a younger and more conscious generation, Gresart's new image focuses on a sustainable world, representing a paradigm shift in the world of ceramics.
The brand is based on four core values: green, easy, youthful and competitive.

Green is much more than a color. The sustainability of the brand begins with Gresart's "G", simultaneously representing the environment (green) and the circular economy with all its benefits. From the production process to the shipment of our products, the brand asserts itself as environmentally responsible.

Easy, is the simplification of everything we do. We want to simplify the life of our customers, from the presentation of our collections to the means of promotion. This requires a simple and straightforward approach on all communication platforms.

A more accessible and practical brand is also a younger brand. Youthful represents the commitment to a young audience, which values the preservation of the environment and the simplicity of things, from lifestyle to consumption. This vitality is reflected in the design of the collections, more direct, minimalist and more practical.

Gresart is not a brand based solely on ideals. It is a competitive brand. Determined to offer quality at competitive prices, Gresart intends to reach a new target and a new positioning on the market. The addition of the words "Ceramic Tiles" makes the brand more international and more globally oriented.



GRESART was acquired by Gres Panaria Portugal and became part of the Italian multinational Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche.


New showroom with an area of more than 500 square meters, with participation of several brands and interior designers to display our collections and give better support to our partners, clients, architects and designers.


Solar panels installation producing 2,765 MWh of clean and renewable energy per year suppressing the annual emission of 1,300 tons of CO₂ (greenhouse gases), equivalent to the annual planting of 31.900 trees.


New rectification line with state-of-the-art industrial equipment for high productivity and low environmental impact, with no need for water and low energy consumption.


New production facility using state of the art industrial equipment resulting in increased production capacity and the supply of large format glazed porcelain stoneware using digital technology.


Certification of Quality System within the NP EN ISO 9002/1995 certification and later to the standard NP EN ISO 9001:2000, which has been renewed and revalidated annually.


Renewal of the general management team and the merger of two units in GRESART, SA in its shareholder, productive and legal structure up to the present time.


Establishment of the two companies: GRESART and AZUGRÉS, the first devoted to the production floor tiles and the second to wall tiles.